Kenyan-German Centre of Excellence for Mining, Environmental Engineering and Resource Management

Taita Taveta University College - Voi | University of Applied Sciences - Dresden |
TU Bergakademie - Freiberg


  • Discovery of substantial deposits of minerals, especially rare earth minerals, iron ore, coal, gas and oil
  • Mining contributes about 1% of the GDP, 11,000 people employed, Potential of about 3.5 % of the GDP
  • Development of mineral resources among the six priority sectors under the Economic Pillar of Kenya Vision 2030 Strategic Development Blueprint

Underdeveloped human resource base undermines the potential of the sector

Addressing the Situation

Develop at TTUC a centre of excellence in mining, environmental engineering and resource management education and research

Foster scientific and cultural exchange between the project partners and bet-ween Kenya and Germany

Specific Objectives

  • Develop and improve curricula for new and existing academic programmes (B.Eng., M.Sc. and PhD) to ensure practice-oriented education & training of local engineers & managers
  • Train a new generation of mining, process and environmental engineers and resource managers for industry and government
  • Build human capacity at TTUC to offer training in mining and environ­mental engineering and resource management
  • Network with industry and governments in the region in quality assurance for the proposed training programmes as well as research and training of engineers and resource managers
  • Integrate sustainability concepts (societal, environmental, spatial and econo­mic) into the pedagogical and implementation