South African-German Centre for Development Research

at the University of the Western Cape , Bellville

Content and Goals

The SA-GER CDR at the University of the Western Cape trains the next generation of executive elites in Master’s and PhD degree programmes related to Development Studies. Students of the centre are given the preparation needed to meet the specific economic, social and political challenges which will arise in the course of the region’s development processes.

The courses offered by the centre include seminars in economics and social sciences as well as public administration. All of these research-orientated degree programmes link the theoretical training with a strong empirical component. In terms of content, the degree programmes concentrate on case studies from the region.

The programme content covers:

  • Characteristics and causes of growth deficits and the unequal distribution of resources in developing countries
  • Strategic approaches to reducing poverty
  • Roles of various players in the development process
  • Approaches to reforming areas of the domestic economy, foreign trade, and public administration (good governance, combating corruption, and reform)
  • Transformations of social and political systems