East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research at the Moi-University, Kenya

East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research

The Partners

Moi-University, Eldoret and Nairobi
The Moi University School of Education is based in Eldoret and offers various undergraduate and postgraduate courses. It plays a vital role in educational development in the region.


The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
The NMMU is one of the leading universities in the field of teacher education and education research in South Africa. It cooperates with universities all over Africa and beyond.


University of Oldenburg
The University of Oldenburg builds on an almost 200-years long tradition in teacher education and is known for excellent, research-oriented study programmes in initial teacher education and the professional development of teachers.


The Networking Partners
The Uganda Management Institute and the University of Dar es Salaam supplement CERM-ESA research, teaching and staff development with specific expertise in educational and management sciences.

www.umi.ac.ug, www.udsm.ac.tz