South Afrika. c/o Moi University, School of Education, Kenya

East and South African-German Centre for Educational Research

at the Moi-University, Kenya

in cooperation with the University of Oldenburg, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, the University of Dar es Salaam & the Uganda Management Institute

Content and Goals

In view of the need for excellence in educational research, training and management in Sub-Saharan Africa related to the processes of empowerment and advancement of educationists and educational institutions, CERM-ESA focuses on:

  • Research: Four research teams led by CERM-ESA Faculty with the aim of delivering excellent educational research in African contexts;
  • Teaching: CERM-ESA academic programme which includes a Master’s programme in educational research, annual summer schools and mentored online modules, as well as an exchange programme for lecturers and students;
  • Staff Development: The CERM-ESA staff development and capacity building programme for academic and administrative university staff is open to all partners of the DAAD-funded Centres of African Excellence.