By establishing Centres of Excellence at leading African universities, the DAAD aims to create modern educational capacities of supraregional influence. The improvements in the educational quality and the greater research capacity available at these world-class hubs will enable the next generation of leaders to acquire training in line with international standards.

The goal for each centre is to strive to develop its own impact on the region and beyond.

DAAD – with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office – is funding this programme.

Along with the largely interdisciplinary Master’s and PhD programmes, all of the centres impart supplementary knowledge in the areas Good Governance, management and other multidisciplinary skills (conflict management, team building, intercultural competence). Moreover, all of the centres have a scholarship programme.

After an evaluation in 2012 the already established centres got the opportunity to continue in achieving their goals within another five year funding period. During this period more focus should be put to the social relevance and visibility in society of the centres.